How to Stay in Shape While Traveling

How to Stay in Shape While Traveling

How to Stay in Shape While Traveling.

Following video series shows how i maintained my weight and body fat with outside food while traveling to Kochin (Kerala). This is just an experiment and not a recommended diet plan for anyone who wants to lose weight and diet plan.

I was in Kerala for exactly 10 days with no preparation whatsoever and yet managed to maintain my weight and body fat with restaurant food & outside food….How did i do it ??? – Check it out ;-)

DAY 1 – My First Day in Kochi (Kerala)


DAY 2 – I am bang on target, no unhealthy food, no processed food and i hope i can maintain that for another 9 days….Will I ??? ;-)


Day 3- Still on track ;-)


Day 4 -Everything is going well except ???


Day 5 – Abs still in shape ;-)


Day 6 – Too tired to workout today but found some new things to eat ;-)


Day 7 – The whole approach of eating clean is working very well for me to maintain my current weight and body fat levels, abs look even better now ….So not changing anything ;-)


Day 8 – Trying some hotel workout today, don’t feel like going to the gym ;-)


Day 9 – All Gyms are shut today so went out to chill ;-)


Day 10 – Last day in Kerala, and i did manage to stay in shape with outside food….So taking a cheat day and treating myself today ;-)


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