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Fitness Consultation


Product Description

You can now consult Raghav via phone to help achieve your fitness goals, so weather you are trying to lose weight or belly fat or trying to get in shape for an event, fitness consultation with Raghav will help understand how you can accomplish your fitness goals quickly.

How does it help – Most of us follow age old nutrition and workout methods which yield no results at all, some even spend large amount of money on supplements and yet see no difference, consultation will Raghav will help understand weather you are on the right track or not and what you need to follow to help achieve your fitness goals.

30 Minute Fitness Consultation with Raghav includes -

  1. Consultation on Nutrition – Helps clarify myths and facts about nutrition and how you can manoeuver nutrition correctly to help lose weight, body fat and stay fit. 
  2. Consultation on Exercise – Helps clarify myths and facts about exercise and what training methods you should follow to help achieve your fitness goals quickly.

Note : –

  • Fitness Consultation is for 30 minutes via phone only.
  • Consultation does not include any written workout plan or diet plan.