60 Day Weight Loss Program

60 Day Weight Loss is a home based program that comes with specialized diet plans, workout plans and complete consulting for 60 days.

60 Day Weight Loss Program Includes 


Your detailed skype or phone consultation with Raghav will help understand the dos and dont’s that you need to follow for next 60 days. He will help you understand what foods to avoid and how you can maneuver nutrition to speed up the fat loss process.

Your calorie count, metabolism and body type are some important factors that you need to understand beforehand without which your effort towards weight loss will be a complete failure. For example calorie count for a person who weighs 100 kgs will be completely different from someone who weighs 70 kgs or BMR for an active person will be entirely different from someone who has a sedentary lifestyle and hence both cannot follow the same diet or nutrition plan.

60 Day Weight Loss Program

Weekly Diet Plans

Your diet is the most important factor when it comes to weight loss. What you eat, how much you eat, how to mix and match carbohydrates, protein and fat can really speed up the weight loss process. A healthy diet can not only help lose weight easily but if done correctly it can also help improve skin quality, increase metabolism and improve overall health & fitness.

With 60 Weight loss Program you get structured diet plans that will help enhance the fat loss process, these diets are changed every 7 days so that the body does not adapt to any one particular food type or calorie count and hence keeps on losing body fat throughout the program.


Exercise Plan

Weight Loss without exercise is not recommeded as it can signficantly slow down metabolism. For healthy weight loss it is important that you need to incorporate some form of exercise, it doesn’t have to be gym but any workout pattern that you can incoroporate to enhnace your health and fitness level.

The exercises recommeded in this program are non gym dependent and can be easily performed at home, the only equipment you need is a pair of dummbells and your own body weight which is more than enough to keep you fit and healthy.

This program is apt for people who would like to reduce weight from a health & fitness perspective, its even apt for people who can’t go to the gym due to lack of time, job and various other factors but would still like to enhance their health and fitness level. This is not an intense program, if you are looking for an intense plan then pls check out Body Transformation Program.

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Clients located outside India can purchase the program via direct bank transfer or write to me at raghav.pande@xcellfitness.co.in

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