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Body Transformation Program

Xcell Fitness is an online fitness consulting firm which provides personalized nutrition and training programs for weight loss and fat loss.

Xcell Fitness has helped clients of all age groups to achieve their personal fitness goals through expert nutrition and workout programs.

So whether you are trying to lose weight quickly for a wedding, manage weight from a health perspective or want to lose belly fat for the beach we have got the right program for you.

Xcell Fitness is headed by Raghav Pande who is a Certified Fitness Trainer, Certified Sports Nutritionist, Certified Senior Fitness Trainer and a Muay Thai Trainer, he is also the Winner of “The You Tube Next Trainer” Contest and was featured in Forbes International.

Fitness Consulting is still a nascent field in India and Raghav is one of the pathbreaking pioneers in this field who has consistently delivered top class content on weight loss and fitness through this website and his already popular FacebookGoogle + and YouTube Channel.

Raghav firmly believes in constantly upgrading his knowledge base and keeping up with the realtime developments that are constantly taking place in this field inasmuch as fitness is not a dormant science but is constantly evolving. The plethora of information on fitness which is easily available on the net can be intimidating as also often incorrect and this is where Raghav steps in with his easy to follow, well researched and proven consulting. Anyone can profess to be a fitness trainer but Raghav has literally changed lives (Click here for testimonials)

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