Testimonial from Jyotsna

I had gained a lot of weight in the past 2-3 years (around 10kgs!) and tried all kinds of diets to lose it-from keto, to intermittent & joining nutritionists . I was very disheartened and lost belief in my ability to lose wight at all.
I joined Raghav this year trying to give weight loss just another shot! Thanks to him, and the nutrition plan prescribed by him, I started to believe that weight loss is actually a very scientific process, and I can easily lose weight if I tried hard enough. I was not only able to lose the weight I had put on, but also maintained it. This has given me confidence to believe that you can reach all your health goals through a combination of nutrition and exercise. Thanks Raghav! So glad you could help me get closer to a heatlhy life 🙂