Testimonial from Nitin Tekchandani

This is my second time with Raghav. Previously I enrolled in his diet plan back in 2017. I was not obese back then but definitely out of shape, way out of my BMI. That time I did 4 months of Body transformation basically extending the original plan. The reason to extend is to inculcate the habit from his plan because it was easy to follow. That 4 months resulted in at least 4 years of good health, by simply following the basics from his plan. Knock on the wood. With some recent major life events, I went off track, gained back enough weight and knew right away what I needed to be done i.e to join Raghav’s diet program again. Initially I was afraid he might have changed the basics around his plan which wasn’t the case at all. The plan was yet again easy to adapt and simple to follow. I wanted to do it for 4 months again but could not due to personal reasons but would highly recommend anyone in the same boat, to stay long enough to get the hang of the diet even though you can’t follow 100% of it. I have shared Raghav’s fitness plan with many friends and family members in the past, most of them have used and also benefited from it. Thanks Raghav until we connect again 🙂