Lunges is one the best full body exercise to lose fat and strengthen glute muscles .

To understand how to perform this exercise correctly check out instructional video below – 

To understand how this exercise helps with fat loss check out detailed video below – 

How to perform this exercise correctly –

* You start this exercise by keeping your core tight,chest out and shoulders pulled back.

* Now breathe in and step forward till your leg forms a 90 degree angle with the floor.

* Pause here briefly,push from the heels and come back to the starting position.

* Repeat the same sequence with the other leg also.

 Important points to keep in mind while performing this exercise –

1) Do not let your knees surpass your toes or else chances of knee injury are high

2) Keep you core muscles tight all throughout the movement as that will help you maintain balance while performing this exercise.

3) Keep your shoulder pulled back and keep looking straight all throughout the movement, if you are looking down then you are putting undue pressure on your lower back.

4) Your breathing pattern needs to correct so breathe in when you’re going down and breathe out when you are coming up

Raghav Pande is New Delhi (India) based Fitness Consultant

He is a Certified Fitness Trainer,Sports Nutritionist and the Winner of “You Tube Next Trainer”

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