Squat and Jump

Squat and Jump is a very effective exercise to enhance fitness levels,if you can do 100 repetitions of this exercise on every alternate day then this can be a very effective tool to lose weight and lose body fat .

Squat and Jump is a two part movement which is squat and jump and the reason why this exercise is very effective for losing weight or body fat because this exercises works on the largest muscle group which are your leg muscles. When you are squatting and jumping you are collectively working out on all your leg muscle like glute, hamstring, quadriceps, calf muscles because of which the amount of calories your burn is really high. More calories you burn easier it becomes for you to lose weight and lose body fat.

Now this exercise has two variations —

Version 1. Wherein we separate squat and jump (Easy)

Version 2. Wherein we combine and squat and jump together (Difficult)

Both versions are effective for fat loss and weight provided you do it correctly, so let tell you how to perform this exercise correctly —

You start this exercise by keeping your core muscles tight and feet shoulder width a part.

Now bend your knees till your thigh muscles becomes parallel to the floor.

From here push from your heels, jump as high as you can and come back to the normal position.

For starters you can try 3 sets pf 12 -15 reps per set.

If this exercises gets too easy for you then you can even try the advanced version wherein we combine both squat and jump together which definitely is a much better exercise to enhance your fitness level.

Important points to keep in mind while performing this exercise –

1. Make sure that you place a padded mat under your feet while performing this exercise as jumping on a concrete surface like floor can put a lot of pressure on your knee, ankle and lower back. If you can do this exercise of sand or grass surface then nothing like it.

2. As far as the breathing pattern goes, you need to breathe in when you are squatting down and breathe out when you are jumping up.

3. Pleasure ensure that you perform a through warm up before you start this exercise, performing any exercise without adequate warm up is an open invitation to injury.

Overall squat and jump is a very effective exercise for anyone who is trying to lose weight, lose body fat and enhance their fitness level.



Raghav Pande is New Delhi (India) based Fitness Consultant

He is a Certified Fitness Trainer,Sports Nutritionist and the Winner of “You Tube Next Trainer”

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