Fat Loss Workout

Fat Loss Workout (Tri Set)

This is my killer tri set fat loss workout video which i often use in my exercise program to shock the system and kill body fat .This workout is not just effective for fat loss but will also help you tone up shoulder,triceps,traps and bicep muscles.

In this home workout program i will be performing three exercises back to back without giving any rest, that means i will be performing 30 reps non stop and that will be counted as one set.

Once i am done with 30 reps i will take some rest and repeat the workout sequence 2 more times.

Following are exercises that i will be performing for this fat loss workout –

1. Barbell Shrugs – Barbell Shrugs is an excellent exercise to tone up trapezius muscle and when combined with other exercises non stop it will also become an effective fat loss exercise.Its a simple movement wherein you need to shrug your shoulders straight up and straight down,avoid rolling your shoulders back and forth as chances of inquiry are high.I will perform 10 reps for this exercise and move on to the next exercise without taking any rest.

2. Side Raise or Medial Deltoid Raise – One of the best exercises to build and shape up the side head or medial head of the shoulders.Once again I will perform 10 reps for the exercise and move on the next one without taking any rest.

3. Concentration Curl -My favorite to tone and shape up bicep muscle,its an isolation movement that helps give that round shape to your bicep muscle.This again i will perform for 10 Reps.

Workout Plan –

Barbell Shrugs X 10 Reps

Side Raise X 10 Reps

Concentration Curl X 10 Reps

You need to perform all three exercises back to back without giving any rest.

Once you are done with one set( 30 Reps) take some rest and repeat the sequence 2 more times.

Now considering all these are isolation exercises, they are not only effective to tone up your trapezius,shoulder and bicep muscle, but also burn calories as you are performing all these exercises back to back without giving any rest.

Before you start this exorcise plan or any other exercise plan please make that you perform a through warm up for 10 minutes or else chances on injury are high.

Overall its an effective plan for fat loss and you can perform this plan on every alternate day.You can even mix and match this workout with other exercise plans to accelerate your fat loss process.

Of course not to forget that along with exercises you also need to follow a healthy eating pattern to maximize your fat loss process.


Raghav Pande is New Delhi (India) based Fitness Consultant

He is a Certified Fitness Trainer,Sports Nutritionist and the Winner of “You Tube Next Trainer”

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