Home Workout

Home Workout

This is a killer home workout plan for fat loss and all you need is a barbell with some free weights to perform this workout.

Now with this home workout plan i am going to perform three exercises back to back without giving any rest,that means in one set i will be performing 30 repetitions. The workout is on lines of tri set workout wherein i will be exercising three body parts back to back which are shoulder,back and obliques. Tri set workout can be done for other body parts also like chest,shoulder and bicep or back,shoulder and tricep, if you like you can even do your own permutation and combination with other body parts example legs,back and triceps, the idea is to burn calories by performing three body parts back to back without giving any rest.

In this workout once i am done with 30 reps i will take some rest and then repeat the workout sequence 2 more times, that means i will perform 90 reps.

Following are the exercises that i will be performing in this home workout –

1.Barbell Rows – is an excellent multi joint exercise not just to build strength but also burn calories. Its a great exercise for posture correction and if done regularly can really help define back muscles.If you don’t have a barbell at home then you can use dumbbells to perform the same workout .Overall rowing is an excellent exercise to workout back muscles and can be performed easily at home.

2.Shoulder Press – is another excellent compound exercise to workout all three heads of shoulder which is front,medial and rear deltoid (shoulder) and can be performed easily at home. A word of caution here ,when you are performing this exercise make sure that you restrict the range of motion i.e. do not let the bar come all the way down to your neck or else chances of neck injury are extremely high.Again if you do not have a barbell at home then you can replace this exercise with dumbbells.

3.Overhead Side Bends – This is my all time favorite exercise to workout and tone up oblique muscles.Simple exercise that you can perform at home and all you have to do is hold the weight above your head and bend from one side to another.
Just this small movement will help workout your core muscle (abs & oblique muscles) as every time you hold weight above your head your core muscles have to work extra hard to maintain balance and reduce pressure on the spine Again a word of caution while performing this exercise is to ensure that you do not lift very heavy weight or else chances of lower back injury are high.

Overall this is an excellent short workout to burn calories that you can easily perform at home.


Raghav Pande is New Delhi (India) based Fitness Consultant

He is a Certified Fitness Trainer,Sports Nutritionist and the Winner of “You Tube Next Trainer”

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