Is Your Desk Job Making You Fat ?

Is Your Desk Job Making You Fat …Sprawl It !

This video talks about Sprawl which is one of the best body weight exercise to lose weight, lose fat and even enhance fitness level.

The reason Sprawl is an effective exercise for fat loss because it works on multiple muscle groups and helps burn more calories. Another reason sprawl is an effective exercise because it’s non gym dependent exercise which is great as you can perform this exercise anytime anywhere thereby help maintain the consistency or continuity of the exercise.

Now if you can’t do the regular Sprawl then you can even do the modified version of the Sprawl (shown in the video) which is equally effective from a weight loss, fat loss and calorie burning perspective. The modified Sprawl is simple and can be performed by by everyone !

Raghav Pande
Raghav Pande is an India based Online Fitness Consultant.

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