4 Simple Ways To Lose Weight

4 Simple Ways To Lose Weight

Hey guys summers are back and its time to get in shape, so let me tell you 4 simple ways to lose weight –

1. Diet – Now the first thing what you want do is focus on your diet, if you can get this right then 80 % of the job is done ….It doesn’t matter how much you workout, if you are not following a correct eating pattern no amount of workout will help with weight loss or fats loss. Now i am not talking about counting calories, i am not talking about following some silly diet..What I am saying is stick with the basics i.e. avoid all food which leads to accumulation of weight & body fat i.e. avoid processed & sugary foods like aerated drinks, biscuits, chips etc. which increase weight and body fat.

2. Running – Running is one best thing you can do to lose weight & burn calories ….Have you ever seen any professional runner out of shape …The answer is NO ….That’s because running works….So run, jog, sprint whatever you like and do it for at-least 3 -4 days a week…How much to do, how fast to run will totally depend on your current level of fitness …But Run as running is good for you not just from a cosmetic perspective but even from a health perspective. However let add over here again if you are not following a healthy eating pattern then even running will not help after a while ….Hence for maximum weight loss along with running incorporate a healthy diet also.

3. Resistance Training – Now not only you want to lose weight but you also want to get in shape and from that perspective resistance training is very effective….Resistance training would mean any exercise where you have to apply some effort or some strength …So if you are at home the you can do some push ups or squats which work very well, If you are at the gym then stick with regular regular exercises like bench press, deadlift, barbell squats etc. … Both will work very well to help shape up your body.

4. Keep It Simple – There is plethora of information on the internet, some say do HIIT Training to lose weight, some say do intermittent fasting, some say follow ketosis diet, most people get so confused with all the information that they give up within their very first one week of training or diet program. You know what really works for me and my clients – is “Keeping it simple” i.e. focus on only three factors which are diet, cardio & resistance training and believe it or not it works all the time ….You have seen me on YouTube for last 7 years and even i look pretty much the same, i maintain the same weight, i maintain the same body structure, same abs and that’s because i keep it simple i.e. focus only diet, cardio and resistance training ….So keep it simple.

Raghav Pande is an India based Online Weight Loss Consultant.

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