How To Get In Shape In 30 Days

How To Get In Shape In 30 Days

How To Get In Shape In 30 Days

What happened to my Abs ?? …. WelI, i have been on this very long vacation and i have had everything possible to eat..So i had cheese, chocolates, pasta, wine, beer alcohol, beer, sugary food, fried fried and everything possible & that’s precisely why i am out of shape.

But this video is not about my vacation but how i am going to get back in shape in the next 30 days.

So Whats My Plan Of Action –

1. Change my Eating Patten - What got me out of shape was bad food and no workout and whats going to to get me in shape is good food and regular workout…So i am going to focus on these two.

2. Do Cardio & Strength Training On Daily Basis - Nothing works better than strength training and cardio to get you in shape & thats precisely what i am going to do ..I am going to do a lot of weight training and i am going to run.

Let’s see it if works (Video Above)


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