Alcohol and Weight Loss

        Alcohol and Weight Loss

Can you drink alcohol and still lose weight ???

The answer is no because –

1) Alcohol are extremely high in calories – One Gram of alcohol has 7 calories which is very close to one gram of fat which has 9 calories, so consumption of high number of calories can increase weight.

2) Alcohol Are Empty Calories which means that they do not provide any nutrition to your system and makes them stores as weight and body fat. When you are drinking calories from alcohol you are not only drinking high amount of calories but also empty calories which get stored as body fat.

3) Calories from alcohol are processed differently compared to other healthy food groups, calorie counting does not work here. For example 200 calories from raw vegetable salad will not get stored as weight and body fat but 200 calories from alcohol will increase weight.

4) Alcohol causes water retention which increases weight – Have you ever noticed that you tend to pee a lot when you drink alcohol, thats because alcohol is a diuretic and makes you lose water however in response to that your body produces ADH (Anti Diuretic Hormone) which makes you retain more water, cause water retention and hence makes you look bloated.

So if you are trying to lose weight then best to stay off alcohol.

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