Diet or Exercise ..What’s More Important For Weight Loss ?

Diet Or Exercise ..What’s More Important For Weight Loss?

It’s far more easier to consume less calories than burn more calories !

For example 2 chocolate pastries have 500 calories and in order to burn those calories you would need to cycle for one hour.

From that perspective diet is far more easier and an effective way of losing weight.

So if diet is so effective for losing weight then should you stop exercise completely, the answer is No because if you just diet and leave exercise completely then 3 things will happen –

1. Most of the weight loss will in be in the form of lean muscle mass that means slower metabolism.

2. Most of the weight loss will be from bone density thereby increasing chances of osteoporosis and arthritis.

3. You won’t get in shape.

On the the other hand if you just exercise and not diet then you won’t lose any weight as in order to lose weight you need to put your body into a negative calorie balance.

So we can’t really say that diet is more important than exercise or vice versa as they both go hand in hand, it is the combination of both these two factors which will decide how quickly you lose weight and body fat.

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