Bicep Workout

Hey guys check out my new bicep routine, this is a great workout to add strength and shape to your bicep muscle.Biceps is the probably one of the most exciting body parts to train and probably because it’s most noticeable part of a man’s body even when he is wearing clothes. Although you can do a number of exercises but i personally find these three exercises the best to add shape and size to the bicep muscle.

1.Barbell Curl — Barbell curl is a great exercise to add size and strength to your arms.The key with this exercise lies in lifting heavy and one should try and lift as heavy as they can. The hypertrophy or the growth of the muscles can only happen once you lift heavy. Although be careful while lifting heavy as chances of wrist injury are high and it is advisable to work out your forearm muscles to strengthen and support your wrist.

2.Hammer Curl is one my favourite exercise for arms as it not only works out the bicep muscle but also works out the forearm muscles. The hammer curl works the brachialis–the muscle that runs along the outside of your upper arm and gives a fuller look to your arms. Like barbell curl again focus on lifting heavy but maintain a good form and avoid swinging.

 3.Concentration curl is one of the best bicep shaping exercise,it great exercise to isolate your bicep muscle and helps in developing the peak of the bicep muscle. Concentration curl can be done seated or standing,although i pefer standing as i feel it isolates my bicep much better.Focus on lifting heavy but stick with a good form and avoid swinging your arm back and forth .

 Points to keep in mind while doing all the bicep exercises-

1.Exhale when you are contracting your biceps i.e (breath out) when the weight is coming up and inhale (breathe in) when the weight is coming down.

2.Complete a full range of motion while doing bicep exercises i.e bring the weight all the way up and bring it back all the way down.

Although I am not a big guy myself as I prefer a lean physique but if your idea is add size to biceps then you gotta put your body into a positive calorie balance i.e eat more than your current calorie requirements.For example if you current calorie requirement is 2000 calories then you should consume at least 3000 calories to put your body into a positive calorie balance to add size to your arms.

Raghav Pande is New Delhi (India) based Fitness Consultant

He is a Certified Fitness Trainer, Sports Nutritionist and the Winner of “You Tube Next Trainer”

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