Fat Loss/Muscle Gain Workout

To lose body fat it is very important to gain muscle, simply because muscle tissue is metabolically an active tissue which means your muscle in order to survive itself in the body has to keep on burning calories.

Lesser the amount of muscle you have slower is your metabolic rate but more the amount of muscle you have faster is your metabolic rate. The easiest and the fastest way of gaining muscle is by performing resistance training or weight training. Weight training is the best tool to sculpt and tone up your body and all you need is a barbell and some free weights to perform this workout.

This workout aims at building lean muscle tissue which will further help you lose body fat. It is a complete body workout plan and I am gonna start this workout by focusing more on bigger body parts first and then move on to smaller body parts

The following workout consists of  –

Overhead Squats –Probably the best exercise for building muscle and losing body fat. In my opinion overhead squats are probably the toughest to perform so its very important that you need to get your form right while performing this exercise. It is one of the toughest exercises and that’s precisely why it’s also one of the best exercise to lose body fat and gain muscle…why??? because it works out your complete body in one single movement. Let me explain ……just by holding on to the weight above your head you are working all the muscle of your upper body with major emphasis on your shoulder and arms, now when you are squatting down you are working out the all the muscles of your lower body like hamstring, quadriceps ,glutes and calf muscle. Also while you are squatting down you are utilising all your core muscles like abs,obliques and lower back muscles. So all in all it works out every single muscle of your body and that’s why this exercise is my number one choice for this workout plan . Overhead squats I am gonna do 3 sets X 10 Reps

Deadlift – is a killer compound exercise and like overhead squats it is a complete body exercise with major emphasis on your core muscles, glutes and hamstring muscles.It is a great exercise for burning calories and if done regularly it is also a great exercise to correct posture. Like all other compound exercises you need to perform this exercise with a correct form ,for starters don’t try lifting heavy weights but focus more on getting the form right. Deadlift is a one of the best exercise to build muscle and lose body fat and I will perform 3 sets x 10 reps.

After we are done with bigger body parts we will move onto smaller body parts –

Bicep Curl –Biceps is the probably one of the most exciting body parts to train and probably because it one most noticeable part of a man’s body even when he is wearing clothes. Barbell Curl is one of the most effective exercises to build shape and size of your biceps and the trick with this exercise lies in lifting heavy but be careful of wrist and lower back injury. Do not use momentum while doing this exercise and always perform a full range of motion .i.e. go all the way up and come all the way down. Barbell curl is a great exercise to build arm muscles and I am gonna perform 3 Sets X 10 Reps.

Tricep Extension – If you idea is to get well defined arms then you cannot ignore triceps. Triceps is the opposing muscle to the  biceps and makes 2/3 of your complete arm muscle.Overhead Tricep Extension is a great exercise to shape up the arm and this one I am gonna stick with 3 Sets X 10 Reps.

Barbell Twist and Side Bends – targets the external and internal oblique’s and is a great exercise to enhance definition of your abs. Not only these exercises help in defining your abs but they also also help in increasing the mobility and strength of your core muscles. For both these exercise I am gonna stick with 3 sets X 15 reps on each side.

If your goal is to build lean muscle tissue and lose body fat  the this workout can be done for 2 -3 times a week on alternate days.

Raghav Pande is New Delhi (India) based Fitness Consultant

He is a Certified Fitness Trainer,Sports Nutritionist and the Winner of “You Tube Next Trainer”

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