How to Lose Weight and Fat from Thighs & Buttock

 How to Lose Weight and Fat from Thighs and Buttock 

The simplest way to lose reduce weight from lower body is to reduce overall body fat percentage, so lets say if your current body fat percentage is 30 percent and you reduced it to 15 percent then your problem is solved.

So how do we reduce body fat percentage –

1. Negative Calorie Balance – What that means is your expenditure of calories needs to be more and input of calories need to to be less, the out put of calories need to be more and input of calories need to be less and the simplest way to do that is to eat clean which is less in number of calories.Avoid food which is high in sugar and oil and that itself will substantial amount calorie content of the food. Example – 100 Grams of cooked rice has 130 – 140 calories but same 100 Grams of cooked rice if you were to consume in a fried format (which includes 3- 4 tablespoon of oil for preparation) the calorie count becomes 500 calories approximately. So the way you eat you food makes a lot of difference, if your eat clean food which is devoid of sugar and oil you will automatically reduce the overall calorie intake.

2. Burn Maximum Calories- You need to focus on exercises which can help you burn maximum amount of calories in minimum amount of time because we do not have time to workout for 3 -4 hours to workout everyday, so the choice is to pick up exercises which can expend maximum of calories, so exercises like jogging,running,sprinting,skipping,playing squash,playing tennis, all these exercises can help burn larger amount of calories in minimum amount of time.

3. Incorporate Strength Training – When i say strength training i am talking about multi joint exercises like barbell squats,deadlift. Now these are very effective exercises because not only they workout muscles from your head to toe but buy also build massive amount of lean muscle tissue, lean muscle tissue will further enhance metabolism and help reduce body fat percentage.

4. Incorporate exercises to tone up glute and thigh muscles – Once you starting following point 1, 2 and 3 on regular basis then you start incorporating exercises which can help tone up and shape up glute and thigh muscles. From that perspective you can include exercises like hip abduction,hip adduction, leg extension, lunges,walking lunges, barbell lunges as all these exercises will help to tone up or shape up glute and thigh muscles.


Raghav Pande is an India based Fitness Consultant

He is a Certified Fitness Trainer, Sports Nutritionist and the Winner of “You Tube Next Trainer”

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