How To Lose Weight The Healthy Way

How To Lose Weight The Healthy Way

1. Do Not Avoid Carbs – Carbs or carbohydrates are the most preferred source of fuel for the body, your brain needs carbs, your muscles needs carbs, pretty much all the functions that happen inside the body depend on carbohydrates so leaving them out completely to lose weight is neither healthy or a sustainable idea. Instead you can vary the amount of carbs that you eat everyday and switch to healthier sources of carbs like whole wheat roti, whole wheat pasta, sweet potatoes etc.

2. Eat Plant Based Food – Plant based food are high in chlorophyll, carotenoids, flavonoids which have extremely power anti-inflammatory and anti- oxidant properties. Eating something as simple as spinach, cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, beats can help promote collagen formation, improve micro circulation and protect your blood vessels from oxidative stress. In other words when you eat healthy, you stay healthy, have faster metabolism and will make it much for your body to lose weight,

3. Exercise – All of us know that but none of us exercise of daily basis. Exercise is not only only of the best ways to lose weight but also improve our overall health for example when you workout it can help improve insulin sensitivity there by ensuring that our cells can utilize sugar in a much more efficient manner which will further ensure that you do not get high blood sugar levels over a period of time. Persistent high blood sugar levels over a period of time can lead to other complications like kidney damage, nerve damage, retinopathy other cardio vascular disorders. So exercise regularly as it has tons of health benefits .

4. Omega 3 Fatty Acids – Extremely effective to lose weight and body fat but more important it can also help to improve your overall health For example it can help lipid profile by increasing good cholesterol (HDL) & reducing bad cholesterol (LDL), reduce triglycerides, improve brain function and you can get all these benefits by eating walnuts, fish oil, fish, flaxseed and other sources of omega 3 on daily basis.

5. Green Tea – Consumption of Green Tea is extremely effective for weight loss provided you combine it with a healthy eating pattern. Green tea are high in flavonoids like catechins and epicatechins which have extremely effective cancer fighting properties. So drink 3 -4 cups of green tea every day.

So these are 5 points that can help lose weight the healthy way.

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