How To Lose Weight

How To Lose Weight

The simplest and the fastest way of losing weight is to control the amount of food that you are eating.

More food means more calories and more calories means more weight.

It does not matter where the calories are coming from, if you are eating more number of calories then you will put on more weight.Healthy or unhealthy food, in order to lose weight you need to control the number of calories and how do we do that ? “By controlling the portion size of the food”.

This is exactly what i have explained in the (video above) by giving you a simple example of aloo parantha and curd that i am consuming for breakfast today.

One Aloo Parantha and One Bowl of curd is easily 630 calories approximately and if i eat 4 aloo paranthas in one go then i am consuming close to 2500 calories in one meal .2500 calories is a lot of calories for one meal and the reason i say that because for me 2500 calories is the total calorie requirement for the whole day.

So if i eat 2500 calories in one meal then i have pretty much eaten for the whole day ,any more calorie eaten at lunch,snack and dinner will get stored as body fat because then i am eating more than my total calorie requirements.

But i am not going to eat 2500 calories /4 aloo paranthas with curd, instead i will control the portion size of the food and stick to only only one aloo parantha with curd which is only 650 calories. This way i can enjoy my food without worrying about any increase in weight or body fat.

Ofcourse there is no doubt that parathna soaked in oil and full of potatoes is unhealthy but sometimes we can really cant avoid unhealthy food so they the best way out is to “Control the portion size of the food”

Healthy weight loss is a process and if you really want permanent weight loss then focus on changing your lifestyle which is about eating healthy and exercising regularly.


Raghav Pande is India based Weight Loss Consultant

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