How To Lose Belly Fat Quickly

If you really want to lose belly fat quickly then few pointers you need to follow –

A. Avoid food that leads to accumulation of belly fat that means you need to avoid all sugar based products, all white flour based products and processed food like biscuits,chocolates completely.

B. Please ensure that you do 30 minutes of an intense workout every day that means you can do jogging, running or any other sports activity that elevates your heart rate and helps burn calories.

C. Consume high fibre food, fibre will keep you full and will ensure that you do not eat large quantities of food which is responsible for body fat. So increase both soluble and insoluble sources of fibre like veggies,oatmeal etc.

D. Incorporate strength training on regular basis, strength training or weight training will help build lean muscle tissue and muscle in turn will enhance your metabolic rate which will help lose weight and even get abs..

E. Please ensure that you follow point A,B,C & D on regular basis and stay consistent with it for at least 60 — 90 days to see any substantial difference.

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