Dumbbell Workout to Get Ripped !

One of the best and cheapest equipment that you can buy to lose weight and tone muscles are a pair of dumbbells.

Dumbbells are inexpensive and yet the fastest way to tone muscle and lose body fat, with dumbbells you can workout each & every body part and no fancy machine in the world can give you a workout as effective as dumbbells.

This workout will take only 20 -25 minutes and will help tone up major body parts like chest, back, legs, shoulders, biceps and triceps.

Workout Plan includes the following exercises-

1. Dumbbell Chest Press- 3 Sets X 12 -15 Reps
2. Dumbbell Rows – 3 sets X 12-15 Reps
3. Squat,Bicep Curl and Shoulder Press – 3 sets X 12-15 Reps
4. Alternate Dumbbell Curl – 3 sets X 12 -15 Reps
5. Lying Tricep Extension – 3 sets X 12 -15 Reps

Of course not to forget for this workout plan to be effective for fat loss you also need to follow a healthy nutritious eating pattern, no amount of workout will help with weight loss unless you clean up your diet.


Raghav Pande is an India based Online Fitness Consultant

He is a Certified Fitness Trainer, Sports Nutritionist and the Winner of “You Tube Next Trainer”

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