Khushboo Sipani – Body Transformation – Weight Loss Program Testimonial

Transformation of Khushboo Sipani
Transformation of Khushboo Sipani

Testimony “Is this for real “; Are you serious”;”You got to be kidding me”;”Is it like one of those fake and Fad programs available online”. These where the thoughts which first crossed my mind when I came across The Body Transformation Programme by RAGHAV PANDE. I was 26 years old and weighed 126.3 odd kgs.

A pure case of child obesity coupled up with Family heredity. There was nothing which I had not tried be it Simple gym , Cardio Training, Liquid Diet, General Motor Diet, Cow’s urine, Meal replacements; Vlcc, Sliming teas, Ayurvedic remedies, Yoga, Sona Belts, Painful Massages, Slimming Creams, Naturopathy, Homeopathy are a few to name.

I had met over dozen of doctors and gone under several body checkups and testings. All they had to say was it was just a case of morbid obesity and there was no way I can reduce my weight naturally. The only option left for me was Bariatric surgery or Stomach Stapling in Laymen’s language.

When I came across Raghav I was a little sceptical n apprehensive, as to how would it work? How would he guide me through? What would the results be? But a telephonic conversation and later a meeting with him had put all my doubts at rest. Then I started my amazing journey of Body Transformation or what I fondly like to put as a “Lifestyle Transformation”. They were simple, easy to follow diets and even easier exercises. No Hi Fi and expensive gym equipments. Just a barbell, few free weights and a Swiss ball was required. The exercises were very simple to do and effective at the same time. The diets were also very easy to follow, I figured out that I was eating very less than the ideal requirement of my body. There was no starving or crash dieting, just balanced and wholesome meals.

Along with that, I did have my share of cheat days where I ate whatever my heart desired for. With a lot of support and expert guidance from Raghav I could manage to put off 44kgs in a matter of just 10 months. Now I can do a lot of thing which I was not able to do earlier, just because of excess weight. Simple things like climbing stair or getting on a bus was difficult for me, but now I can do all of it. Plus my skin and hair are in a lot better state than what they were earlier.

Over the period of time I have come to realise that, in the past whenever I tried to reduce weight I was doing the right thing the wrong way or vice a versa. But with Raghav’s guidance things did go the right way. He is just not my fitness trainer but My Fitness Mentor. In my journey from Fat to fit he has been a great support. There is a positive lifestyle change in me.

Now I know what kind of food would lead to what change in my body. I know what am I suppose to eat and in what quantity. My body is a lot healthier and my mind is a lot calmer than what it was earlier. All thanks to MY Fitness Mentor Raghav Pande. Hope you have the same change in life as I had in mine.

Khushboo Sipani

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Raghav Pande is an India based Fitness Consultant

He is a Certified Fitness Trainer,Sports Nutritionist and the Winner of “You Tube Next Trainer”