Should Overweight People Diet or Exercise First ?

Should Overweight People Diet Or Exercise First ?

If you are overweight then there are two categories –

1. Extremely Overweight – Weight above 100 kgs, BMI above 30 & haven’t exercised for a long time.

2. Slightly Overweight – BMI between 26- 30 and follows a sedentary lifestyle.

In the first scenario (Extremely Overweight) wherein you are extremely overweight, its best to diet and lose excessive weight first as strenuous workout at that weight (above 100 kgs) could lead injury because the muscles & joints are not conditioned for a heavy workout. The only exercise recommended is walking and once you have lost enough weight you can always increase exercise intensity.

In the second scenario (Slightly Overweight) wherein you are slightly overweight, it’s best to start with exercise first as it will help build lean muscle mass which will further help fasten the process of weight loss however here also you need to focus on your diet as without that it would be extremely difficult to lose weight.

Hence in both cases you do need to focus on your diet first because unless you clean up your eating patten it will be very difficult to lose weight & body fat.

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