Weight Loss Diet Plans

Weight Loss Diet Plans

Extreme Weight loss diets are also called fad/crash diets which are followed by tons of people to lose weight quickly. Some of these diets like General Motors Diet, Detox diet or Master Cleanse Diet, Cabbage Soup Diet and even Blood Group Diet can make you lose as much as 5 kgs in less than 14 days, sounds Great Right??? But let me give you few reasons as to why you should not follow such diets –

1. All the weight comes back — All these diets reduce your daily calorie intake as low as possible because of which you lose weight quickly unfortunately its impossible to keep your calorie intake low forever. So max to max you can follow these weight loss diets for 7 days, 14 Days or even 21 days but the moment you come back to your normal eating pattern all the weight comes back.

2. Extreme weight loss diets leads to muscle loss, slower metabolic rate and even serious health problems — More the amount of muscle you have faster is your metabolic rate but lesser the amount of muscle you have slower is your metabolic rate. Now when you drastically reduce your calorie intake your body goes into a survival mechanism state wherein it starts holding back on to your fat tissue and starts eating onto your muscle tissue for your energy requirements. This is not good for fat loss as muscle tissue enhances your metabolism (calorie burning capacity), now that you have lost muscle you will have an even slower metabolic rate (compared to what it was before the diet) and that’s why you gain all the weight back.

3. Extreme Weight Loss Diets cause Irritation, Mood swings and Depression — Your body needs vitamins namely C and B 6 to produce two neuro transmitters like Dopamine and serotine which helps you keep your mood stable and happy. When you drastically reduce your calorie intake your body does not get enough of these vitamins which in turn leads to irritation, mood swings and in some cases severe depression.

4. Extreme Weight Loss Diets leads to Poor skin quality, hair quality and osteoporosis –Fad diets lack nutrition and can cause nutritional deficiency of various vitamins and minerals in your body. Following these weight loss diets regularly can cause poor skin quality, which is about having skin with spots and wrinkles, can cause poor hair quality which means hair fall, poor hair texture and baldness and can even cause osteoporosis which is about thinning of your bones.

All in all crash diets are extremely unhealthy and you should seriously think about all these consequences before start following such diets.

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Raghav Pande is an India based Fitness Consultant

He is a Certified Fitness Trainer,Sports Nutritionist and the Winner of “You Tube Next Trainer”

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