Weight Loss Program (Testimonials)

So the first testimonial is mine where i had lost weight and body fat in as less as 30 days , of course the progress is really fast and extreme but the whole point of this experiment was to see if i can actually get in quickly with just healthy food and regular workout in 30 days.

Meet Gautam,Rohit and Vikram, like all of us they too have regular jobs,stay busy with their daily errands and yet managed to lose tons of weight and body fat. They lost 18 kgs, 23 kgs and 50 kgs respectively. 

Meet Rishi Raj who lost 20 kgs of his body weight and 15 % percent body fat in just 6 months, all this without following any crash diets or gimmicks but just consistent workout and dedicated diet plan.

Meet Medhasmsh,  a software engineer who reduced 37 kgs of his weight and lost 14 inches off is abdominal area, all with the help of healthy eating habits and regular workout.

Raghav Pande is an India based Weight Loss Expert

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