30 Day Weight Loss Transformation

Check Out My 30 Day Weight Loss Transformation

In this video i have shown how i lost weight and got back in shape in exactly 30 days with home workout and home diet.

The weight loss transformation that you will see here is purely by incorporating natural food program, free weight workout program (dumbbell/barbell) and without using any protein supplements.

* Disclaimer – My 30 Day Weight Loss Transformation (shown in the video) is just an experiment and not a recommended diet program or a workout plan for anyone.

So this is what i did for 30 days –

1. Got Rid of all unhealthy food that could interfere with the process of weight loss namely cheesy pasta, fried rice, burgers, doughnuts etc.

2. Ate smaller quantity and frequently throughout the day, this was one of the best ways to avoid binge eating.

3. Increased my protein intake as it helps build lean muscle weight and fasten metabolism …. So ate tons of protein rich food like fish, chicken breast, egg whites etc.

4. Incorporated weight training and included compound exercises like barbell squats, deadlift etc, ….If you don’t have access to weights then you can even do body weight exercises which will work equally well for weight loss.

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Raghav Pande is an India based Online Weight Loss Expert

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