How To Boost Metabolism for Weight Loss

How To Boost Metabolism For Weight Loss

What is “Metabolism” – Its a biochemical process that your body uses to convert food into energy.

If you have faster metabolism you will find it easier to lose weight but if you have slower metabolism then weight loss or fat loss will be a challenging task.

So here are 5 Points to Increase or Fasten Metabolism For Weight Loss –

1. Eat Breakfast – Long periods of starvation signals the body to conserve or preserve energy, long periods of starvation also breaks down muscle for energy so skipping breakfast after seven hours of sleep is definitely not a good idea. To enhance metabolism one should eat frequently and starting the day with a healthy breakfast is a good idea to jump start your weight loss program. 

2. Stay Active and Exercise – Lying down on the bed or sitting in your office chair all day is not going to help enhance metabolism. In order to lose weight you need exercise which in turn will fasten metabolism, activities like running or jogging can help fasten the weight loss process provided you them do them regularly.

3. Drink Green Tea or Coffee – Green Tea or Caffeine are powerful stimulants which can help with weight loss. Coffee contains caffeine which is a very powerful thermogenic enhancer and can help enhance metabolism however word of caution: consuming too much caffeine may increase blood pressure, sleeplessness and other health problems. In moderate amount green tea or coffee can certainly help with weight loss.

4. Build Lean Muscle – Strength training or weight training is the fastest way to burn body fat because when you build muscle your resting metabolic rate (the amount of calories you burn at rest) goes up thereby making it easier for you to lose weight. However for weight training to be effective it is important that you need to lift heavy…..and don’t worry unless you are not on steroids lifting heavy does not make you big and muscular like bodybuilders.

5. Avoid Junk or Processed Food – Junk food are empty calories which are extremely high in sugar, white flour and fat content. Food high in sugar and white flour makes pancreas release high amount of insulin which puts your metabolism under stress, saturated fat on the other hand is extremely high in calories is counter productive from a weight loss perspective.

Overall these point can easily boost metabolism for weight loss provided you follow them consistently.

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