Why Most Weight Loss Diets Fail and Why You Should Not Follow A Crash Diet

Here are some of the reasons why most weight loss diets or crash diets fail –

1. Weight Bounces Back – Most weight loss diets like General Motors diet, Cabbage Soup diet and other diets aim at extreme calorie reduction. Reducing calorie intake drastically may help lose weight initially but in the long run it slows down your metabolism therefore the moment dieters start eating normal food all the weight bounces back with a vengeance.

2. Most Weight Loss is Muscle and Glycogen– Most crash diets do not advocate any sensible exercise or workout pattern while dieting, this is perfect recipe for damage metabolism as without exercise lean muscle atrophies and leads to muscle loss. It also depletes glycogen stores in liver and muscles which further causes muscle loss as now the body will rely more on breakdown of amino acids for energy requirements.

3. Causes Nutritional Deficiency – Protein restricted diets, carbohydrate restricted diets and fat restricted diets can increase chances of nutritional deficiency which can lead to hair loss, bad skin quality, loss of bone density and deficiency of Vitamin A,D,E & K.

4. Cannot follow Crash Diets Forever – None of the crash diets can be made a part of your lifestyle,maximum you can follow these diets for 7 – 10 days, the fact that they do not recommend sensible eating and workout pattern should be your primary reason not to follow these diets.

Overall the best way to lose weight is to workout regularly and incorporate healthy eating habits, the process may be slow but its healthy and you will be able to retain most of the weight loss.

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