How To Choose A Healthy Weight Loss Program

How To Choose A Healthy Weight Loss Program

For any weight loss program to be healthy it should recommend the following –

1. It should always recommend an exercise program – Weight Loss without exercise is a recipe for disaster because following a diet without exercise will lead to loss of lean muscle tissue, loss of lean muscle tissue will lead to slower metabolism which in turn will make you gain body fat, loss of muscle would also mean that your body will not look toned anymore. There are a lot ads which say “Lose weight without exercise”, “Lose weight without workout”, “No gym lose weight” …Not a healthy idea as “no exercise” will only lead to muscle atrophy and slow down your metabolism . For healthy weight loss you don’t have to do hardcore exercises but something as simple as brisk walking and body weight exercises can easily help enhance your health and fitness level.

2. It should always recommend a balance diet – No weight loss program can be healthy if it does not recommend a complete spectrum of nutrients. It should recommend carbs, it should recommend protein and healthy fat on daily basis, the ratios may vary but it should include all these nutrients on daily basis. Following a crash diet will restrict the amount of nutrients to your system thereby leading to nutritional deficiencies like poor skin and hair quality, increasing the risk osteoporosis, elevated levels of bad cholesterol, increased risk of heart disease etc. Doing only low calorie protein diets or doing only low carb high protein diet or doing only mono diets will lead to nutritional deficiencies and will only mess up your metabolism in long run.

3. It should set realistic goals in terms of Weight Loss – There are lots of programs which will promise you insane amount of weight loss in a quick span of time and they may even be successful at it but such drastic reduction of weight (in a short span of time) is not healthy and cannot be sustained in the long run, the moment you resume normal diet all the weight comes back. According to me healthy weight loss should be anywhere close to One kg or two pounds per week, I know it sounds less but if multiply this over a period of 2 months you have lost 8 kgs and if you take it further it can be as much as 12 -15 kgs in 4 months ….best part is you will be able to sustain it and still look healthy.

4. It should always recommend a lifestyle change – A diet that you cannot do for more than 7 days do you really think you can make it part of your lifestyle, lot of fad diets like low carb diet, high fat high protein diet are unsustainable to follow after a few weeks and cannot be made part of your lifestyle. Look for programs which recommend healthy habits like exercise, eating balanced diet on regular basis which can be made part of your lifestyle.

5. It should advocate health and fitness – Using chemicals and weight loss pills to lose weight quickly is not healthy at all because all medicines have side effects, not to forget you can’t be on medicines forever, the moment you are off them you gain all the weight back. When you are signing up for any weight loss program your first priority has be your health like how to reach your ideal weight, how to reduce bad cholesterol level, how it can help reach an optimal level of health and fitness.

So these were five points that can help you choose a healthy weight loss program, also would like to make it clear that weight loss from a health purpose and weight loss from a cosmetic purpose are two different things – Weight loss program from a cosmetic perspective will deliver much faster results and may or may not include healthy eating habits but will get you the desired result, check out few of the experiments i did –

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So set your expectations right and know what you are aiming at before you join the program.

If you want a healthy weight loss process then it is going to be long drawn process but eventually it’s much better for your health, check this out – Weight Loss Testimonial of a Software Engineer (Medhamsh) –

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