How To Stay Healthy & Fit in 2017

1. Keep Track Of Your Progress – No matter what your goal is, be it weight loss, fat loss or just overall health and fitness, keeping a track of it will help reach your health and fitness goals faster.

2. Lose Weight – Your weight is linked to your health, all lifestyle diseases be it hypertension, high blood pressure, diabetes are pretty much linked to the excess amount of weight your body is carrying, so exercise regularly, eat healthy and lose weight.

3. Cardio – Cardio is one of the best things you can do for you health and fitness. Running, jogging or any another form of cardio will help improve heart health, lung capacity and overall circulatory system, it will also help you breathe better, feel much lighter and make you live longer.

4. Eat One Fruit Everyday – Fruits are high in mineral vitamins and consuming one fruit every day like apple, banana or guava can provide ample amount of nutrients although if your are trying to lose body fat then do not overdo fruits.

5. Strength Training – Strength training will not only help get in shape but also improve bone density which is good for people who have osteoporosis and arthiritis. It has other benefits like anti aging, there are research reports that have proven that doing weight training on regular basis can help reduce your aging process by as much as 20 years

6. Drink Water – 75% of our weight is water and dehyration as less 1 percent can impact our health and fitness, lack of water will to lead bad skin quality, slow metabolism and sluggishness. I would recommend to drink atleast 3 -4 litres of water everyday.

7. Destress – Stress is one the worst things that can be detrimental to your health and fitness, so relax chill out ,meditate, eat your favorite food, do yoga, play sports , basically do whatever that helps destress because thinking about the same thing over an over again is not going to help .

Raghav Pande
Raghav Pande is an India based Online Fitness Consultant.

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