Can You Convert Fat into Muscles ?

Can you convert Fat into Muscle

You can’t convert muscle into fat because muscle and fat are two different tissues. Muscle is hard and in shape whereas fat is loose and saggy, muscle is more dense than fat and it occupies less space in the body and fat tissue on the other hand is much larger in size and occupies more space in the body,so its like comparing 200 grams of rock to 200 grams of cotton, they both weight the same but are completely different in size. See the demonstration in the video  above –

Muscle helps you to burn more calories which is beneficial if you to trying to lose weight or body fat, fat on the other hand does not burn enough calories,creates more dead weight,slows down your metabolism which will further make you gain more weight and accumulate more body fat. More muscle will make you look more lean and athletic but more fat on the other hand will make you look out of shape and flabby.

More muscle will you gain more speed, power and energy but excessive amount of fat will make you slow an even more lethargic.

So fat and muscle are two different tissues, fat can’t be converted to muscle and muscle can’t be converted to fat.What can be done is you can increase the amount of lean muscle tissue and reduce the amount of body fat percentage and that will help you look lean and athletic.

So how do we build lean muscle tissue, simple you need to exercise which can help build lean muscle tissue, muscle works on a principle of use and disuse , you work out it will grow and if you don’t work out it will atrophy or diminish. So for that you can do strength training like lifting weights which can help build lean muscle and don’t worry you won’t getting big because to getting big has a lot a more components involved than just lifting heavy weights …but yeah if you want to increase the amount of lean muscle tissue strength training is a very important component.

So that is one and second is you need to work on your diet which can help to reduce body fat percentage, now this is 90 % of the fat loss process and is slightly complex but if you eat clean it should help a lot.

Raghav Pande is an India based Fitness Consultant

He is a Certified Fitness Trainer, Sports Nutritionist and the Winner of “You Tube Next Trainer”

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