Push Up and Burpee Cardio Workout

Push Up and Burpee Cardio Workout

This an intense push up and burpee workout that can make you shed tons of body fat and lose weight in no time. The best part of the workout is that you do need require any equipment and you can perform it anywhere ….even when you are traveling

Benefits of Push Up and Burpee Workout –

1. Enhance Cardio Vascular Endurance – In this workout we will perform push ups and burpees back to back without giving any rest, this will help elevate heart rate,increase lung capacity and enhance cardiovascular endurance.

2. Burn Calories throughout the day – With this workout not only you burn calories while performing the exercise but also after the exercise,once you are done with the workout the process of recovery and recuperation will take atleast 2 days and that will burn more calories for next 24 – 48 hours.

3. Increase Upper Body Strength – As its a push up based workout it will help build strength in your upper body muscle like chest,shoulder,triceps which are directly involved while performing the movement,it will also work on your stabilizing and opposing muscles like core & back muscle.

4. Define and Sculpt Chest Muscles- In this workout there are three types of push ups and all these variations will workout chest muscles from all different angles.

(You need to perform all exercises back to back with minimum amount of rest possible)

1. Close Grip Push Ups X 10 Reps

2. Burpees X 5 Reps (Immediately after Close Push Ups)

4. Burpees X 5 Reps (Immediately after Single Leg Push Ups)

5. Wide Grip Push Ups X 10 Reps

6. Burpees X 5 Reps (Immediately after Wide Grip Push Ups)

Repeat the cycle two more times.

For this workout to be effective from a fat loss and weight loss perspective it is important that you need to follow a healthy eating pattern.

Important – If you have any joint pain or back pain pls avoid this workout completely

Raghav Pande is India based Fitness Consultant

He is a Certified Fitness Trainer, Sports Nutritionist and the Winner of “You Tube Next Trainer”

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